Blooms & MMMMimosas…

Oh, hey! Haven’t written a blog post in awhile. I would say it’s because I haven’t had much to write about… but actually it’s the complete opposite. Girls been busy!   (HOLD, while I turn on some music and pour myself a mimosa… need to get back in the moment,

January 1, 2018

Today is the day… the day where many will either do one of two things or both (Reflect or Plan). What came to your mind at midnight? Today? Who is on your mind? The last week of 2017 I practiced many self-awareness exercises to finish the year with a clear


Where do you wander?

What We Feel When It’s Quiet

When signing up for a day of fishing… I didn’t realize that I would be signing up for hours of self realization and prayer. What I came to realize was… The sunrise is more beautiful when you’re surrounded by the people you love…the sky is more clear when you are

To My One True Love

Dear Southern Bunnies, I thought about writing about what I did over the Memorial Day weekend and then decided I would write about something a little more real. Something that’s been not only what I have been thinking about lately but it seems as though there is some unusual cloud

Far Enough To Get Lost

My mind and soul lives somewhere between… flowers, retro vibe, and a little bit of country and southern charm. I am not exactly sure how those all go together but they do. My eyes are for love & happiness- holding a permanent grainy filter to take me into my La

Meet Me Here… On Sunday.

We work hard…. to play hard. My kind of play is splurging in FOOD. If we have had the opportunity to have a conversation… it probably consisted of a lot of giggles and then somehow ended by talking about food. Those are my favorite conversations. So lets talk about it.

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