East Austin Vibes

If you have been in the store lately, it is slowly undergoing a gardening change. Cacti are slowly showing up because of my new found love for them and the simplicity of them. In all aspects they are so simple and beautiful. Slowly but surely the boutique will become home of these prickly beauties and juicy succulents. A hidden gem was found, thanks to a customers husband who told me about it last weekend. With a trip already planned with my boyfriend to Austin we had to stop by. Let us not forget to mention… the Made For Love Set was dying for an opportunity to be photographed. Continue reading to learn about East Austin Succulents and how easy it is to care for a Cactus and Succulents and dress up your home/apartment. Why not bring a little southern charm and positive vibes into your home? Processed with Rookie Cam

East Austin Succulents has about 3 Acres of Succulents, Cacti and Other Greens that to be honest with you- I would not have a clue of what they are or how to care for them. But, you know what I am a major fan of? A plant or flower you can allow to pretty much not pay attention to but stays beautiful. I have a fairly busy schedule… the last thing I want to try to remember is to water a plant. When they told me that I can let the plant die to stay alive- I said load em’ up!

Succulents and Cacti are allowed to be either indoors or outdoors. Depending on the environment of your home or apartment will determine how much water they need. So far I have only been watering mine every 2 weeks. They need direct sunlight and every once a while they will need you to walk up to them and tell them how absolutely gorgeous they are. Pretty easy huh?

East Austin Succulents… a hidden gem, home to beautiful plants, super cool figurines, super adorbs photo opportunities, a killer air stream and this super rockin’ girl who sports her gardening outfit so good that she made me want to go buy some Timberlands, gardening hat and hiking socks. This woman had no idea how beautiful she was in her own element.

I’m all about this place and more so all about spending my days off taking in the beauty of this place with my love.

XOXO- The Southern Bunny


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