Hill Country Heaven

Wimberley surely remains the paradise for those who seek to find somewhere quiet and shaded.

A struggling artist who sought after his dreams and now lives here in San Antonio, continues to take his closest friends to the place where he found most of his inspiration. My best guy friend Jay took me here in the early Spring. I am so happy he did! Between San Antonio and Austin you can find this quiet beautiful place, where there is plenty to do, but especially relax and unWINE. TheSouthernBunny-2

In Wimberley you have a list of activities that you can do- all while feeling the hospitality and charm from those who are locals.

Be sure to check out the list of activities you can do in Wimberley. A little head start on your visit would be to do the following.

Sit on the patio with good company at the beautifully designed Leaning Pear.

Visit the local wineries and boutiques (of course always coming back to The Southern Bunny as your fav.)

And my favorite— do absolutely NOTHING… take a blanket find an open space and just take it all in.

XOXO- The Southern Bunny

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