Meet Me Here… On Sunday.

We work hard…. to play hard. My kind of play is splurging in FOOD. If we have had the opportunity to have a conversation… it probably consisted of a lot of giggles and then somehow ended by talking about food. Those are my favorite conversations.

So lets talk about it.

Sunday is here!!!! Where will you go for brunch?! Send me your favorite brunch spots! I want to go! Right now I am visiting Feast and Paramour pretty often.

I love Feast for several different reasons- The AMAZINGLY satisfying food, the mimosas, those super dangerous corn dog pancake thingies that I shouldn’t be eating… but keep eating as my boyfriend looks at me like…. “Ummmm girl please stop!” Also— Feast takes reservations. Thank you kindly. I appreciate that.

After your 3 hour visit at Feast- because yes a lot good times and socializing is happening… or maybe you are like me- ordered the Eggs in Hell… loved it but the girl across the way ordered the pancakes and you want that too… So something magical happens and you are no longer full so you say why not?! Let’s order that too. Maybe get up go to restroom, pretend that you sat down again at table for first time- just so you feel good about yourself then eat the entire plate of pancakes too. 1484434319051

OKAY!!! Soooo after all of that…………… then head over to Paramour! Spring is right around the corner and this rooftop bar is one of my favorites not because of their drink menu but because of the design. Just so happens they also have a good drink menu. Let us not forget to mention with all the new Spring arrivals we have coming in— you will have tough time deciding which pics to post… because you will want to post them all in your cute outfits!!! XOXO

Like seriously— take a look at my Instagram worthy pics of Feast and Paramour and tell me you don’t want to go there now.

So what is Sunday looking like? It looks like Brunch at Feast, Drinks at Paramour, then head over to visit us at The Southern Bunny. We will greet you with open arms (if you want) and help you finish the day and fulfill your hearts with some super cute clothes!!!

XOXO-The Southern Bunny


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