Hi, It’s My Body.

I am writing this blog because recently I have received a lot of DM’s with comments about my weight, questions asking what I do to workout or what I am doing differently. It amazes me how many people have seen and noticed my changes in the last 3 years. Its been three years since I started The Southern Bunny and I feel like we have changed together. In this case I am talking about physically. Prior to starting the boutique I worked for a local non profit for 4 years. I found myself visiting the coffee pot in the canteen every morning out of being bored and trying to procrastinate. I use to wear those tight fitting under garments to smooth out all your girl bumps and imperfections, do you own a pair of those? Yeah, cut them up and throw them away. I am not an expert in anything by any means… but I can tell you what I have learned from experience, trial & error. Let me tell you those under garments keep your blood from circulating therefore… in my mind I believe that they actually create cellulite not hide them. Maybe thats not true… but once I stopped wearing them and free’d my legs and ass I started to lose weight. Don’t believe me? Ok.

Anyways, getting off track here. Back to diet and exercise. Oh yes… so I never use to be as in shape as I am. Actually, this is the best shape I have ever been in. I played competitive soccer since the age of 5 and had two a day practices and still- I am in better shape now then I have ever been. Why? Well- I guess its just now I am finding things that I actually enjoy. I am not exercising because I have to or its required, I am taking classes I enjoy- I am dating someone who enjoys working out too, so that makes working out fun and a whole lot easier when someone is on the same page as you. So what are you trying to say Jenn? Oh yes! what I am trying to say is- find something you enjoy, find someone you like to work out with (or stare at, lol) and then you wont feel like you are working so hard for the results that you desire.

Okay but what does that even mean? What are these super awesome amazing workouts that I am doing?

Jennifer Herrera
Running Buddy (Outfit: Nike, Addidas Ultra Boost’s Shoes)

So for starters- I use to be 145 pounds when I did not work for myself (145 lbs is NOT a bad weight…I actually looked great at that weight but now I weigh 120 lbs, dropped 4 dress sizes and feel a whole lot better mentally and physically). Now I am not trying to say anything specific by saying I weighed more when I didn’t work for myself… but what I will say… is your unhappiness and stress does weigh on you, literally. So first- mindset is everything, being surrounded by positive people also making healthy choices helps a ton too. Like… less drinking for example. I had to limit my social interactions to weekends only. Those 1 or 2 drinks during the week caught up to me. Then you have the chips and dip and how can you even say no to that? Yea, exactly so in my case I just had to say no altogether and say- see ya on the weekend.

Also finding what you love… so this was a little difficult for me… you name a workout class, I’ve tried it. I self diagnosed myself with the inability to stay in one place for a long period of time… I also hate being indoors for a long period of time too. This eliminated a lot of classes for me right away. I dont like repetitive things either… I dont like routine… so there goes another half of the workout classes offered around town.

So what did I find myself doing? I found what I loved most and what was actually the hardest workout for me was BOXING! Yes… Boxing. Something I have never done before. Why do I love boxing so much- well my boxing class for starters is super personal. There are usually only 3-5 people in my class so thats cool. Also, you aren’t just boxing, in between every 5 minutes of boxing they also make you do different high intensity workouts as well. So you are constantly moving. It keeps me guessing. I am not sure exactly why I sweat so much in this class, but there is no pleasure more than seeing the sweat fling off of me as I punch the bag. It’s very satisfying. Not to mention- if I am having a stressful day all those punches kind of knock it out of my system and I leave that gym in a better mood.

So I usually box about 2 days a week… but the other days I try to run. I think I have talked about this before on the blog. Running is the most therapeutic thing in the entire world for me. Even when I am on my period or sick- I have to run- it helps everything. I usually run a minimum of 5 miles per day. I DO NOT RUN INSIDE. ew. no. I run wherever its beautiful. Actually if you live in the same town I do- you might even see me running down your road or your neighborhood one day. If I see a scenic route that looks like it lasts for at least 5 miles… I pull my car over and run it. Wahoo…

So I totally ran out of space so I will have to get to the diet part later and will keep you informed on the fitness and diet journey, it’s new for me so maybe we can get in shape together! Talk to you babes soon!

XOXO- Jenn

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