My Obsession Fuels My Obsession.

Ever wondered what the closet looks like of a Boutique Owner? If you had a boutique- do you think you would be able to control yourself and only keep a few pieces or would you want to keep them all? I struggle sometimes, I want to keep everything but I’ve learned to use my obsession (shopping addiction) to support itself, thanks to my boyfriend. Garrett had to sit me down and have a mini-intervention with me one day when he was unable to walk into our room because the door wouldn’t open, because there was clothes piled everywhere. Some people would call that hoarding but it was a true shopping addiction gone overboard. Okay fine! Maybe hoarding, I still obviously haven’t been able to admit it, haha!

I know there are some Bunnies out there who have bought every piece we have ever sold- so you and I are both in the same predicament.
What do you do with a closet that doesn’t close? Clothes that have only been worn once or not at all? You can donate them- Yes, that you can… but before donation- I still believe they deserve one more chance. One more chance for another insta-worthy moment… so here’s my guide on how to make your closet, support itself (aka your shopping addictions).

Analyze your closet- separate your clothes into the following categories:
Items You Have Not Worn In Two Months
Items You Have Already Taken A Picture In (Let’s be real, you’re not going to wear it again- everyones already seen you wear it twice.)
Items You Have Not Worn/Still Have Tags
Items You Have Worn Within Two Months

Okay- so your closet is separated!
I would say at this point the only items worth looking at are the items that still have tags & the items you have not worn in two months. (the rest put aside).
Of the ones we are looking at- are they still your style or in style? Will you honestly wear them? I mean- you haven’t worn them, can you just get rid of them? Great!! Add them to the pile to get rid of.

Only keep what you absolutely LOVE! oh? What? You LOVE that one dress you already wore every weekend? Ok, thats really wonderful- but time to get rid of it.

Now that you have only the worthy items and essentials left in your closet- time to sort the piles into a donation pile and a Poshmark pile. I would say all Poshmark items are styles within the last year, and have only been worn once or twice, everything else should be donated.

I’m really happy I was able to help you clean out your closet and help you Poshmark those items of clothing that deserved a new owner. Now that you have money from Poshmark for items you weren’t even using- you can now shop more BUNNY! You know- the items you really, really want.

Some tips moving forward- Buy what you love, see a BUNNY item you love? BUY IT, wear it within a week or two of buying it, take a picture of you wearing it, SELL IT, then buy more BUNNY. You work hard, you deserve a fresh closet.

Want to shop my closet? New Items from my closet are added every week!! Stay tuned every week for new items from my closet to be added. (All my items have only been worn once.)

Shop My Closet Here.

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