Salty But So Sweet


Today is Friday and my college roommate and I were anything but willing to stick to our diets. We decided to take quick trip down the road from the boutique to try a place we both had not tried.

I have now discovered to date my most favorite ice cream place- Lick.

Wearing the Miss Congeniality Romper $65, we were suddenly inspired to embrace the moment and make it a photo shoot!! After testing the patience of the sweet girl working the counter by trying all the delicious flavors they have to offer I decided to go with 3. Simply because I thought my dear friend would post judgement if I had ordered one more scoop.

This will definitely be our treat down the street from now on! It was nice to take a small break and enjoy the sun and our tasty treats with one of my most favorite girls.

Afterall- what is better than girl time, ice cream and a super adorbs outfit?

XOXO- The Southern Bunny